Radio Lear Podcast 016 – Its Been a While

Radio Lear Podcast 016 – Its Been a While

Welcome to the sixteenth episode of the Radio Lear Podcast, “It’s Been a While.” In this edition, we explore a theme that resonates deeply with the reflective and introspective nature of our current times. Picture a solitary figure, a man absorbed in his work within the confines of a potting shed. Surrounded by the tranquillity of nature, he finds solace in the subtle sounds that permeate his space — the rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the distant hum of life outside. This setting forms a backdrop to our musical journey, each track echoing the intricate relationship between man, nature, and the introspective world of sound.

1. Ssiege – Angelo Azzurro: The opening track, “Angelo Azzurro” by Ssiege, sets the tone with its ethereal synthesisers that seem to mirror the man’s contemplative state. The track’s ambient nature is reminiscent of Goethe’s scientific approach to understanding plants, not just as biological entities, but as archetypal symbols of deeper truths.

2. Natalia Tsupryk & Angus MacRae – Magellanic – Single: In “Magellanic,” Natalia Tsupryk & Angus MacRae bring together a harmonious blend of piano and electronic elements, creating a soundscape that reflects the intricate beauty of the natural world. This piece evokes a sense of exploration, akin to observing the world where every element is a part of a grander, interconnected whole.

3. Third Coast Percussion – Metamorphosis No. 1: “Metamorphosis No. 1” by Third Coast Percussion resonates with the theme of change and transformation. The rhythmic complexity mirrors the evolving patterns of nature, a nod to the continuous cycle of growth and decay.

4. Stargaze – Voicecream: Stargaze’s “Voicecream” transports the listener to a dreamlike state. Its immersive quality is a reminder of the depths of the unconscious, where the sounds of nature and the human psyche intertwine.

5. Sun Rain and Spookyfish – Ideas of Light (Marenn Sukie Remix): This remix by Marenn Sukie introduces a more upbeat tempo to the mix. “Ideas of Light” symbolises enlightenment and understanding, echoing the enlightenment that comes from a deep engagement with the natural world.

6. Swaya – EXistence: “EXistence” by Swaya delves into the essence of being, its minimalistic approach reflecting the simplicity of life in the potting shed. The track serves as a reminder of the fundamental principles of existence, akin to the foundational elements and the deep myths and symbols that shape our world.

7. Santpoort – Big Dreams: In “Big Dreams” by Santpoort, we find a more reflective, almost melancholic mood. This piece speaks to the aspirations and longings of the human spirit, resonating with the introspective nature of our protagonist in the shed.

8. Vlad Dobrovolski – A Blue And Oily: “A Blue And Oily” by Vlad Dobrovolski brings an abstract, almost surreal quality to the mix. The sound is fluid and dynamic, evoking the ever-changing nature of perception and reality.

9. Natalia Tsupryk – Unwept: In “Unwept,” Natalia Tsupryk presents a poignant, introspective piece. Its sparse composition allows for a deep introspection, mirroring the solitary experience of the man in his garden sanctuary.

10. David Sylvian – Grains (Sweet Paulownia Wood) (David Sylvian Remodel): David Sylvian’s remodel of “Grains” brings a rich, textured sound to the mix. The track’s contemplative nature harmonizes with the theme of our podcast, reflecting the serenity and introspection found in places of solitude.

11. Seahawks & Woo (3) – The Way Of Woo: “The Way Of Woo” is a mesmerising track that encapsulates the essence of discovery and wonder. The collaboration between Seahawks & Woo (3) mirrors the harmonious relationship between man and nature, a recurring theme in our episode.

12. Seahawks – The Other Shore: In “The Other Shore,” Seahawks transport us to a realm of tranquillity and peace. The track embodies the journey of the soul, a concept deeply rooted in the introspective journey of our protagonist.

13. Joseph Shabason & Vibrant Matter – Ah Ba Dee: Concluding our episode, “Ah Ba Dee” by Joseph Shabason & Vibrant Matter offers a meditative, almost hypnotic experience. The track’s subtle complexities mirror the intricate relationship between the individual and their environment, encapsulating the essence of our theme.

We have traversed a landscape that intertwines the solitary experience of a man in his potting shed with the expansive realm of sound and music. Each track has been carefully chosen to reflect the themes of introspection, nature, and the philosophical ideals that underpin our understanding of the world. As we leave the tranquillity of the potting shed, we carry with us the echoes of these melodies, a reminder of the profound connection between ourselves, our environment, and the universal truths that bind us.

Rob Watson assembled and mixed this podcast, while Chat GPT wrote the text and Midjourney created the image.

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Rob Watson

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