Inviting Contributions for Radio Lear – Celebrating Metamodern Perspectives

1. Embrace the Metamodern Spirit:

Radio Lear is calling upon artists, writers, and philosophers to join us in celebrating the transformative power of metamodernism. Let us collectively explore the dynamic intersections of art, philosophy, and sound through our broadcasts.

2. Dissolve Boundaries:

Break free from traditional categorisations and dissolve the boundaries between artistic forms. We invite contributors to challenge the norms, blending disciplines, and fostering innovative approaches to sound art, music, storytelling, and beyond.

3. Embrace Diverse Perspectives:

We value the richness of diverse perspectives. We encourage contributors from various cultural backgrounds, genders, and identities to share their unique insights, experiences, and creative expressions.

4. Foster Participatory Engagement:

Radio Lear invites contributors to go beyond passive consumption and engage in active participation. Become part of the creative process, shaping the narratives, discussions, and sonic experiences that resonate with our metamodern audience.

5. Celebrate Emergent Narratives:

Embrace the beauty of emergent narratives. We encourage contributors to explore storytelling that transcends linear structures, allowing for multilayered and nonlinear narratives that reflect the complexities of our contemporary world.

6. Inspire Meaning-Making:

Radio Lear aims to inspire the quest for meaning and invite contributors to share their philosophical and artistic reflections on life, culture, and society. Embrace the challenge of unravelling the complexities of our existence and nurturing meaningful connections through sound and dialogue.

7. Amplify Diverse Artistic Expressions:

We welcome contributions that celebrate diverse artistic expressions, from experimental music and soundscapes to spoken word performances, sound installations, and sonic explorations in any form that defies conventional norms.

8. Cultivate Interdisciplinary Connections:

Radio Lear believes in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. We invite artists, writers, and philosophers to engage in dialogue, fostering connections between different artistic realms and intellectual perspectives.

9. Challenge the Status Quo:

Embody the metamodern spirit by challenging the status quo and questioning societal norms. Explore the intersections of art, philosophy, and sound to cultivate critical thinking, societal reflection, and cultural transformation.

10. Create a Sonic Tapestry of Meaning:

Radio Lear seeks to weave a sonic tapestry of meaning through the collective contributions of artists, writers, and philosophers. Together, let us create a space where diverse voices harmonize, inspiring a renewed sense of purpose, connection, and beauty.

Radio Lear is particularly interested in non-commercial, creative commons content that does not incur performing rights licence charges. We encourage submissions that can be played for extended periods during the lifetime of Radio Lear, encompassing broadcasts on DAB, online streaming, and downloadable podcasts. We invite the following forms of content:

Experiments in Music:

Push the boundaries of musical genres, embracing unconventional compositions, improvisations, and experimental artists explorations.

Experiments in Sound Design:

Create sonic landscapes that challenge the traditional notions of sound, utilizing innovative techniques and technologies.

Experiments in Field Recordings:

Capture the sounds of our world, from urban environments to natural landscapes, creating immersive experiences that transport listeners to new realms.

Discussions on Emergent and Metamodern Arts:

Engage in dialogues and interviews exploring topics related to emergent and metamodern arts, fostering critical discussions and intellectual exchange.

Performances of Drama and Poetry:

Bring stories to life through dramatic readings, poetry recitals, and performances that blend sound, voice, and narrative.

Sonic Innovations:

Break the conventions of radio with groundbreaking sonic innovations, incorporating interactive elements, generative compositions, and installations that challenge traditional notions of broadcasting.

Together, let us forge a unique and vibrant sonic landscape that embodies the spirit of metamodernism, nurturing a community-driven platform for sound exploration and cultural transformation.

Max Sturm, Creative Director, Radio Lear, 20th May 2023

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Note: This is a fictional post that makes no claim to accuracy. It was generated using ChatGPT and the images used by Midjourney and Dall-E.