Radio Lear Podcast 006 – The Enantiodromatic

Radio Lear Podcast 006 – The Enantiodromatic

The way upward and the way downward are the same.” Heraclitus

In the vast realm of music, where genres collide and sonic landscapes unfold, lies a profound theme that echoes through the works of renowned thinkers and artists alike: the enantiodromatic nature of sound. As we delve into this captivating concept, inspired by the great Carl Jung, we invite you to join us on a sonic pilgrimage through the labyrinthine corridors of the collective unconscious.

Jung, the eminent Swiss psychiatrist, believed that within every individual and the world itself, opposing forces perpetually clash and transform into their opposite, a process he termed enantiodromatic. It is this tension of opposites that paves the way for personal growth and the quest for individuation.

Our playlist for this auditory exploration is an assortment of carefully curated tracks, each resonating with the essence of enantiodromia. From the soul-stirring strains of Bendik Giske’s “Void” to the introspective sanctuary of Music Lab Collective’s “Quiet Room,” and the ethereal soundscape of Brian Eno’s “An Ending (Ascent),” we embark on a journey where contradictions merge, harmonize, and ultimately transcend their inherent dichotomy.

As we embark on our metamodern expedition through the enantiodromatic landscape of music, we invite you to ponder the profound wisdom encapsulated within the tension of opposites. Each track on our meticulously curated playlist represents a stepping stone, guiding us towards a more profound understanding of our collective unconscious and the transformative power of sound.

Let the melodies intertwine, clash, and harmonize as you embark on your own personal odyssey of individuation and growth. Embrace the enantiodromatic nature of existence, for it is through the convergence of opposing forces that we find harmony, resolution, and ultimately, transcendence.

Take a moment to enjoy this musical sojourn, where the boundaries between light and darkness, chaos and order, dissolve, and the true essence of the enantiodromatic emerges – a reminder that within every dissonance lies the potential for perfect harmony.

Track Selection:

1. Bendik Giske – “Void”:
Giske’s haunting composition evokes a sense of raw emptiness, where the void within converges with the rich tapestry of sound, blurring the boundaries between absence and presence.

2. Music Lab Collective – “Quiet Room”:
Within the confines of the “Quiet Room,” conflicting emotions intertwine and coalesce, echoing the delicate balance between tranquillity and inner turmoil.

3. Brian Eno – “An Ending (Ascent)”:
Eno’s ethereal masterpiece takes flight, leading us through a sonic ascent that navigates the enantiodromatic spaces of serenity and intensity, offering glimpses into realms beyond the mundane.

4. Max Richter – “Space 11 (Invisible Pages Over)”:
Richter’s evocative composition bridges the chasm between silence and symphony, seamlessly weaving ethereal soundscapes that beckon us to explore the nebulous boundaries of existence.

5. Luke Howard – “Slumber”:
“Slumber” embodies the delicate balance between wakefulness and dreams, where introspection dances with restlessness, inviting listeners to traverse the depths of their own consciousness.

6. Ólafur Arnalds – “Hands, Be Still”:
Arnalds’ captivating piece serves as a sonic meditation, merging the stillness within with the fluidity of musical expression, conjuring a harmonious convergence of opposing forces.

7. Eric Whitacre Singers – “Lux Aurumque”:
The celestial voices of the Eric Whitacre Singers evoke a celestial transcendence, where light and darkness intertwine, illuminating the enantiodromic essence of human existence.

8. Jean‐Yves Thibaudet – “Voiles”:
Thibaudet’s masterful interpretation of Debussy’s “Voiles” captures the enigmatic interplay between clarity and ambiguity, resonating with the enantiodromic nature of perception and understanding.

9. Stevie Wishart – “O Beata Infantia Alio Modo”:
Wishart’s composition celebrates the convergence of tradition and innovation, intertwining ancient melodies with modern experimentalism, invoking a musical alchemy of the past and present.

10. English Chamber Orchestra – “Cantus in Memoriam- Benjamin Britten”:
The English Chamber Orchestra’s poignant rendition of Arvo Pärt’s elegiac composition unveils a sublime synthesis of grief and solace, where mourning and remembrance coexist.

11. Alister Fawnwoda – “TrNew York”:
Fawnwoda’s atmospheric soundscape immerses us in a sonic tapestry that traverses the enantiodromatic spirit of the metropolis, where chaos and tranquillity coalesce in a harmonious dissonance.

12. Luke Howard – “Radio Fields”:
Howard’s composition beckons us to embrace the enantiodromatic forces that define our existence, weaving a sonic narrative that explores the interplay between order and randomness, structure and freedom.

13. Fall Therapy – “Float Through”:
“Float Through” guides us through a dreamlike sonic landscape, where the ebb and flow of opposing energies transport us to the interstitial realms where tension and release intertwine.

14. Courtesy – “Night Journeys II”:
Courtesy’s captivating track invites us on a nocturnal voyage, where shadows and illumination merge, unveiling the transformative power of music to traverse the enantiodromatic thresholds of consciousness.

15. Hoavi – “Cosworth”:
Hoavi’s enigmatic composition serves as our final auditory portal, encapsulating the spirit of enantiodromia, where frenetic rhythms fuse with delicate melodies, ushering us into a realm where opposites harmonize.


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