Radio Lear Podcast 005 – The Mytho-Genetic Zones

Radio Lear Podcast 005 – The Mytho-Genetic Zones

Welcome to another sonic journey brought to you by Max Sturm. In this episode, we will take a mytho-genetic journey as we explore archetypal sounds from across continents and epochs. In this auditory odyssey, Sturm delves deep into the labyrinthine realms of Joseph Campbell’s mytho-genetic concept and Carl Jung’s fascination with archetypal symbols. Each track featured on the show is carefully selected to unlock the hidden portals of the collective unconscious, where listeners embark on transformative sonic voyages.

First up is “Tendrement” by Wilson Trouvé, an avant-garde artist known for his mastery of experimental composition. Trouvé’s piece unfurls like an ethereal mist, enveloping the senses and revealing the interplay between shadow and light.

Next, we encounter Masayoshi Fujita’s “Moonlight,” a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that weaves delicate melodies with the resonance of vibraphones. Fujita’s music invokes a sense of otherworldly tranquillity, as if one were floating weightlessly beneath the moon’s silvery gaze.

Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Tong Poo” introduces a playful yet profound exploration of electronic soundscapes. This pioneering Japanese outfit, led by the visionary Ryuichi Sakamoto, deftly merges catchy melodies with complex rhythms, resulting in a transcendent auditory experience.

“Andalucian Moon” by Crying Lion immerses us in a haunting dreamscape where poetic lyricism meets haunting folk harmonies. The mysterious duo’s music invokes a nocturnal atmosphere, reminiscent of moonlit wanderings through ancient landscapes.

Pierre Bastien’s “Emit Time” introduces us to his idiosyncratic universe of mechanical instruments and musique concrète. Bastien’s avant-garde creations breathe life into forgotten contraptions, as if summoning the spirits of long-lost eras.

In “Father” by ABBOTT & Ruben Jeyasundaram, we encounter a captivating blend of ambient textures and hypnotic beats. This collaboration transports listeners to introspective realms, evoking emotions rooted in the complexities of familial bonds.

The Blooming White’s “Broken Mirrors” envelops us in a swirling vortex of ethereal post-rock landscapes. This London-based collective seamlessly melds sonic experimentation with emotive harmonies, offering a profound reflection on shattered realities.

Accountability’s “As You Were” unleashes a torrent of raw energy, melding gritty punk aesthetics with elements of post-punk revival. The band’s fiercely cathartic performance leaves listeners with a resounding sense of urgency and self-discovery.

Danny Mulhern’s “After the Fall” delves into the depths of neoclassical composition, where delicate piano melodies coalesce with ambient orchestrations. Mulhern’s poignant compositions evoke a sense of bittersweet nostalgia, resonating with the transformative power of personal growth.

Kaada’s “Destroyer and Preserver” invites us into a sonic realm where lush orchestral arrangements intertwine with experimental electronics. This Norwegian artist’s multifaceted approach mirrors the eternal struggle between destruction and creation.

Marcello Liverani’s “The Flow” takes us on a sonic journey through intricate layers of psychedelic sounds. Liverani’s mastery of guitar effects and atmospheric textures conjures a kaleidoscopic sonic tapestry that immerses listeners in a cosmic reverie.

Neil Cowley’s “Breaka” introduces us to his world of dynamic jazz-infused compositions. Cowley’s virtuosity on the piano is on full display, accompanied by a band that weaves intricate melodies into a harmonious tapestry of sound.

Immerse yourself in the expansive soundscapes of “Immensity” by Marcello Liverani, where celestial synths and ethereal vocals merge to create a transcendental sonic panorama. Liverani’s experimental approach to ambient music transports listeners to vast realms beyond the known.

Stu Pender’s “Electric Petals” beckons us into a pulsating world of electronic exploration. Pender’s intricate rhythms and hypnotic synth patterns coalesce to form an electrifying sonic tapestry that demands surrender to its intoxicating allure.

Pas Musique’s “Inside the Spectrum” embarks on a sonic expedition through industrial soundscapes and experimental noise. This New York-based collective delves into the depths of sonic manipulation, pushing the boundaries of auditory perception.

Finally, “Tundra” by Myna Cycles, Jacana People & Neil Cowley concludes our journey with a mesmerizing fusion of electronic beats and organic instrumentation. This collaboration blurs the boundaries between genres, evoking the vast expanses of the frozen landscape.

Each moment bears a captivating story and serves as a key to unlocking the profound connections between music and the collective unconscious. Embark on this transformative voyage of sonic exploration and immerse yourself in the depths of archetypal symbolism.

Note: this post is fictitious and bears no relation to any actual person or organisation, and was generated using ChatGPT and Midjourney.

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