Radio Lear Podcast 002 – Sonic Landscapes in a Flow of Sound

Radio Lear Podcast 002 – Sonic Landscapes in a Flow of Sound

In this sonic odyssey, we embark on a transformative journey that blurs the lines between natural and technological realms. Inspired by the metamodern oscillation of our times, we delve into the emergence of unconscious elements symbolizing transformation in our dreams. Each track in this curated selection fulfils a creative intent, resonating with our emotions and weaving a mesmerizing flow of music. Join us as we traverse these landscapes, where reality and imagination converge in captivating ways.


1. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game “Theme From The Invader”
Composer: Yellow Magic Orchestra
Japanese pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra kickstart our voyage with “Theme From The Invader.” This iconic track effortlessly merges computerized sounds and infectious melodies, setting the stage for our exploration of technological immersion.

2. Trần Uy Đứ – Pg Up
Composer: Trần Uy Đứ
Trần Uy Đứ’s “Pg Up” invites us into a contemplative realm. With a delicate interplay of acoustic elements and subtle electronic textures, this composition reveals the hidden depths of our subconscious.

3. FOQL – Shhhshh
Composer: FOQL
FOQL’s “Shhhshh” resonates with enigmatic energies. Abstract and rhythmic, this track uncovers the concealed layers of our unconscious, urging us to embrace the unknown.

4. 5hags & Alister Fawnwoda – Lightning Aura T-09 Remix
Composer: 5hags & Alister Fawnwoda
The collaborative remix by 5hags and Alister Fawnwoda, “Lightning Aura T-09 Remix,” injects a surge of energy into our expedition. Intricate rhythms and pulsating beats create a sense of anticipation, propelling us towards transformation.

5. Area 3 – Whale
Composer: Area 3
Area 3’s “Whale” engulfs us in an ethereal sonic seascape. With its tranquil ambiance, the composition allows for introspection, connecting us with our emotions and aspirations.

6. The Blooming White – Purple Flowers
Composer: The Blooming White
“Purple Flowers” by The Blooming White paints a delicate sonic canvas. Serene melodies and subtle harmonies intertwine, offering a moment of respite amidst the voyage.

7. Jack Sheen – Sub One
Composer: Jack Sheen
Jack Sheen’s “Sub One” plunges us into a realm of intricate sound design and minimalist textures. Its evolving structure and pulsating rhythms evoke propulsion, propelling us deeper into our own experiences.

8. Andy Scott – Hard to Tell (feat Alison Skidmore)
Composer: Andy Scott
“Hard to Tell” by Andy Scott, featuring Alison Skidmore, unravels the evocative power of vocals. Alison’s ethereal voice floats above delicate electronics, merging emotions and sonic landscapes.

9. Danny Mulhern – We Are Not Machines
Composer: Danny Mulhern
Danny Mulhern’s “We Are Not Machines” captures the essence of human vulnerability within a technological world. Blending classical instrumentation and electronic elements, the composition explores the intersection of organic and synthetic.

10. Venceslas Catz – Suerte
Composer: Venceslas Catz
“Suerte” by Venceslas Catz injects a lively energy into our voyage. Its pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies embody the transformative spirit of life itself.

11. Wilson Trouve –

Winter Flowers
Composer: Wilson Trouve
Wilson Trouve’s “Winter Flowers” envelops us in a sonic tapestry of delicate textures and ethereal melodies. It evokes both melancholy and hope, reflecting our continuous evolution.

12. Brian Eno – Alto Flores Sunrise
Composer: Brian Eno
Brian Eno’s “Alto Flores Sunrise” transports us to a realm of ambient splendour. As the sun rises over imaginary landscapes, we are immersed in a meditative state, where time becomes both suspended and expansive.

13. Coco Bryce – Wuthering Heights
Composer: Coco Bryce
“Wuthering Heights” by Coco Bryce imbues our journey with nostalgia and melancholy. Its intricate beats and atmospheric elements intertwine, evoking a tapestry of emotions from the depths of our subconscious.

14. Billow Observatory – Red Morning
Composer: Billow Observatory
“Red Morning” by Billow Observatory conjures serene soundscapes. Its soothing tones and gentle pulsations invite us to appreciate the beauty in the quiet moments of transition.

15. Alex Bainter – At Sunrise
Composer: Alex Bainter
“At Sunrise” by Alex Bainter awakens our senses to the radiant hues of a new day. Uplifting melodies and delicate harmonies mirror the transformative power of dawn, where new possibilities await.

16. Ólafur Arnalds – Happiness Does Not Wait
Composer: Ólafur Arnalds
Ólafur Arnalds’ “Happiness Does Not Wait” delves into emotional depth and introspection. Through delicate piano and emotive strings, this composition embraces the transient nature of happiness and the significance of living in the present.

17. Alex Bainter – Lullaby
Composer: Alex Bainter
Concluding our metamodern journey, Alex Bainter’s “Lullaby” offers solace and tranquillity. Its tender melodies and soothing textures provide a gentle embrace, allowing us to reflect upon the transformative power of music and the profound experiences we have encountered.

Within this meticulously curated tracklisting, we have embarked on a sonic exploration that transcends the boundaries of natural and technological realms. Through the lens of metamodern oscillation, we have delved into the depths of our dreams, where unconscious elements emerge as symbols of transformation. Each track fulfilled a unique creative intent, resonating with our emotions and weaving a captivating flow of sound. As we conclude this journey, may we continue to embrace the transformative power of music and recognize the intricate interplay between reality and imagination.

Note: This is a fictional post that makes no claim to accuracy. It was generated using ChatGPT and the images used by Midjourney and Dall-E.

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