Sustainability – Personal Statement by Maximilian Sturm

Sustainability – Personal Statement by Maximilian Sturm

In an era marked by environmental crises and social inequalities, I find myself compelled to take a stand for the world we inhabit and the societies we co-create. My concern for the environment and my deep belief in social democracy drive my actions as an artist, a creative director, and an advocate for change.

Our planet is in a state of peril, and urgent action is required to address the ecological challenges we face. I am profoundly aware of the interconnectedness of all life and the fragile balance that sustains our existence. As a result, I am committed to promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Moreover, I firmly believe that social democracy is the path to a more equitable and just society. Inequality is pervasive, and it undermines our collective progress. By championing social democracy, we can strive for a society that ensures equal opportunities, provides access to education and healthcare, and empowers every individual to reach their fullest potential.

To me, the concept of Bildung holds great significance. It embodies the idea that education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but also about personal growth, critical thinking, and the development of one’s character. I see Bildung as a transformative force that can empower individuals to become active participants in shaping a better world. By fostering an educational system that promotes creativity, empathy, and civic engagement, we can nurture informed citizens who will work towards positive change.

Decentralization is another principle I hold dear. I believe that power and decision-making should be distributed across communities, allowing for local autonomy and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility. Decentralization encourages participatory democracy, giving individuals a voice in shaping policies and initiatives that directly impact their lives. By embracing decentralization, we can foster a society where diverse perspectives are valued, and the needs of communities are met through inclusive and collaborative processes.

Through my artistic pursuits, I aim to create experiences that transcend the boundaries of conventional thought, provoke introspection, and inspire action. I strive to amplify marginalized voices, challenge societal norms, and foster empathy and understanding. My creative vision intertwines with my commitment to the environment and social democracy, guiding me to use innovative technologies and sustainable practices in my work.

Ultimately, I am driven by a deep-rooted belief that positive change is possible when individuals come together with shared values and a common purpose. I am dedicated to fostering dialogue, forging partnerships, and engaging in collaborative efforts that will lead us towards a future where environmental sustainability, social justice, and democratic principles coexist harmoniously.

Maximilian Sturm

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Max Sturm

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